Longitudinal tensile force from shear


I did ultimate limit state design of beam. As i want to explicitely define strut angle in shear design i used CTRL VM VAL 1.75.

This is the following sentence from Sofistik report:

“Longitudinal tensile force from shear Zl = V*{cot(Thet)-cot(Alfa)}, cot(Thet) = 1.75”

I was confused because i thought it would be half of this value as it is stated in EN 1992-1-1 6.2.3 (7).

Is there any chance that i can get that value to half. In manual there is “x[%]= factor for values of shift rule”, but i cant find i way to write it down correctly to cut ZI value (or V) to half.


The statement in EN 1992-1-1 refers to an additional tensile force in the longitudinal reinforcement. SOFiSTiK applies the complete tensile force on the entire section.

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I probably should’ve get that by myself. Thanks very much.