LM71 load

Can someone show me teddy input for simple bridge for LM71 load (rail load)? I am fighting with it but all the time I get various errors.

Please keep in mind, I know nothing about LM71
LM71.dat (3.6 KB)

Hope this helps somehow

I couldnt find any graphic projection of this LM71 load. So I am not sure if its assumed in results.

Sorry, I didn’t get exactly what you mean.

  1. What does the load look like? See ELLA Report
  2. Train position on the bridge? Influence lines - see ELLA Report
  3. Force distribution you get? See WinGraf-> Results-> My…; LC 101-112



Check also this, I find it useful:
Load Copy from ELLA #SOFiSTiK #SOFiSTiKTutorial #Tutorial #ELLA #Loadcopy - YouTube