Line load on eccentric beams (correctly considered?)


A line load (wind load) is applied to the beam member by text input.
However, the beam member is defined with global eccentricities as it is a diagonal member of a truss gantry.
Is there any issue with the above load definition?



Text input for SLN:
SLN - GRP 215 SNO 35 DRX 0.000000 0.000000 -1.000000 STYP B EXA 0.1766 EZA -0.75 EXE -0.2947 EZE 0.99 FIXA MYMZ FIXE MYMZ
SLNB X1 -25.20000000 -1.20000000 4.60000000 X2 -23.10000000 -1.20000000 0.00000000
Text input for wind load:
LINE BGRP 215 TYPE PYY P1 0.09375

Thanks in advance!

From my experience I can tell you that defining variable eccentrity along beam elements causes several (probably numerical) problems. Even if those dont occur in statics may occur in dynamics analysis.
I suggest you to define nodes of those V bracing beams as they should be without eccentrity and connect it with chords by kinematic constraints. Your loading problem will vanish then.

If you are not sure how the programme behaves, I would suggest you to create a simple project with e.g. an eccentric beam that is loaded. Now you can analyse and check the result. You can even compare the results of the FE calculation with your hand calculations.