Keys (Kwh/kwl) for python

Hi All,

Can someone explain about key KWL?
I followed the documentation available at Key (KWH, KWL) — CDB Interfaces 2020. But the high level of explanation is unfamiliar to a new developer like me. This could help me to work on the python interface.

I could use your help to understand in a much better way.

1) Can someone explain what is the meaning of highlighted notations such as {@, =,#,- }, [1010].etc in the below picture?

2) What is the explanation for such notation (like index slicing,-,etc) at KWL position?

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ad. 1. check cdbase.chmSOFiSTiK DefinitionsSyntax → sections 3-4
ad. 2. check cdbase.chmSOFiSTiK DefinitionsSyntax → section 1.

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