Introduce damping in springs between structural lines


I am trying to model springs with damping (axial damping DP) between two structural lines defined in sofimshc. It seems that sofimshc does not support this feature. However, sofimsha does. I have tried to use the extrusion option, but it seems like this procedure produces springs with no damping at all even though the source spring has damping. Any suggestions in how to proceed?

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Springs between the nodes of two structural lines can be created in an attached SOFiMSHA run with a short code snipped.

+prog sofimsha
syst rest
spri mesh 1 2 nare 3 nere 4 CP 2000 ct 2000 dp 100

This code creates springs between the node sequences (node 1 and node 2) and the sequence of nodes 3 to 4. The node sequence is created from a structural line in SOFiMSHC.


Keep in mind that a damping element is only effective within a dynamic analysis (SOFiMSHA manual chapter 3.20.3 Damper).

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Hello Frederik,

Thank you for responding and sharing this example code!

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