Individual Dead Load

Hi all,

Is it possible within Teddy to create two (or more) dead load loadcases using the Facd variable that can be applied to specific elements only. I want to use Facd to avoid having to calculate the weights. The end goal is to allow different factors to be applied to different materials in Maxima.

I think this may be achievable using CSM but I would like to avoid that if there is an easy way to achieve this in Teddy.

Example of what I am trying to achieve. Any help would be much appreciated.


You can use the GRP comand in ASE. Just define 2 Groups in SOFiPLUS(-X) or SOFiMSHC, one for all of the steel elements and one for all of the concrete elements. Now you can deactivate the dead load for one of the groups. Make sure you run two ASE runs with different settings.

+prog ase

grp 1 yes facd 1
grp 2 yes facd 0

lc 1


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Frederik Höller
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