Improvement for Extrude and Loft in SofimshA

  1. In Extrude and Loft in SofimshA, there is a “DIV” for Number of layers. This only applies for evenly distributed layers. What about unevenly distributed layers?Users have to use multiple “DIV” for unevenly distributed layers. In Midas, it provides an easy way to define unevenly distributed layers, like “3@0.5, 2@1.0”, which define 5 layers, the first 3 layers have 0.5 unit per layer, while the next 2 layers have 1.0 unit per layer.

  2. Extrude and Loft allows to use SLN as type of element to be extruded, but it doesn’t allow to use GRP as selector. Is it possible to enble GRP as selector for SLN?