Impose Lateral Load to Wall / Surface Element

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I wish to enquire on how to impose lateral load (e.g. wind load) to wall or surface element which are not smooth surface.

For your information, I have modelled a simple structural wall in Rhino software and try to impose the lateral load onto it using the Teddy’s code as below:

However, after I run the Sofistik analysis and checked the result, the result for the lateral load only applied for portion of the surface, rather than whole surface.

So wish to know is there any solution for it.
Thank you.

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Some ideas:

  1. Double check in wingraf, whether you only have one SAR (the mesher might be creating an extra one)
  2. Skip the “Wide 0” parameter (it’s mainly for applying loads by coordinates)
  3. Try applying it to the group instead (if you put the structure in a group)
  4. Try using QUAD instead of AREA