How to translate items multiple times using the original items in SofimshA

I know I can use TRAN,
but when I TRAN the original items (say GRP 1) for the 1st time, the newly created items will be added to the GRP 1.
When I do TRAN for the 2nd time, the newly created items will be selected as well. But I just want to use the orignal items.

How to achieve this ?

make sure the new elements are saved in a new group.
First write a new group sentences and then use the TRAN command, like

grp 11
tran quad grp 1 dz 5.0 prop new

Now the new elements belong to group number 11.
hope that helps

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Thank you for the tip.
Later I want to put the items in GRP 11 back into GRP 1.
How to achieve this?