How to set the unit for output in Teddy?

According to Sofistik manual “5 = Structural Engineering (sections in mm, system in m)”, so I use
But some of the section properties, eg. A, I, etc are still in m. not in mm

Hi there,
the unit settings with a pure TEDDY input are not very comfortable to set.
UNIT 5 means that only the section dimensions (length, height) are in [mm], but not the section values Ay or Iy.
In case you want to do that, I suggest to use a SSD project. Within the SOFiSTiK: System Information dialogue you have an option to go to the unit settings. Inside the SOFiSTiK: Units dialogue you have multiple options to set the units according your own wishes. (see picture below)
From my perspective this is the best and easiest option to go for.

Hope that helps.
By the way, it is always very helpful to know which program version and which service pack you are using.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for the suggestion.
The version is 2023-3.