How to export from Teddy to Sofiplus

Hi there,
I made parametric input in Teddy and I want to export model in Sofiplus. Sometimes there is need to modify structure in 3D model.

Doesn’t work.

If you model in Sofiplus a teddy file is produced and that gets processed by sofistik. (You can see the file if you uncheck the “process immediately” button).

This is a one way process.

So either you implement these changes in your text input or you model everything in sofiplus.

If you decide to change the model with text input, an approach could be to:

  • Implement the changes in a second sofimshc run (use syst rest)
  • Change spt/sln/sar:s using negative numbers (=alters existing)

You can calculate the teddy file and then import the system into SOFiPLUS. However, the parametrics are lost. You can find some examples in the bridge construction series at

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Thank you for reply.
When you say import system, does that mean that I can import in SOFiPLUS also cross sections, materials, loadings etc.? I couldn’t find on internet, or on site that you send me, example how to do this. Can you please tell me how to import system in SOFiPLUS?

It’s this video, the interesting part starts at 2:51

Thank you very much.
Problem never ends. I followed instructions in video but for some reason I can’t import in Sofiplus.
Here is screenshot from system visualization, and I think everything is good. Do you know maybe why sofiplus can’t import? (I can’t upload file since I am new user in forum.)

Thank you.

As you can see in next screenshot Sofiplus doesn’t recognize elements.

Hi LazicZ,

SOFiPLUS can only import structural elements. If you created your system with SOFiMSHA (finite elements), you’re lost.