How to create cross beams for composite cross section

I wrote following composite cross section code ;

+PROG AQUA urs:1
HEAD Example for AQUA
HEAD Composite Sections
NORM DIN EN199X-200X $ design code
CTRL RFCS 2 $ consideration of the reinforcement for section values
CTRL SCUT 0 $ no standrad shear sections and stress points

!*!Label Material
CONC 1 C 35 ; STEE 2 S 355 ; STEE 3 B 500B ; CONC 4 C 35

!*!Label Composite Plate with Steel Profiles
SECT 7 MNO 2 TITL ‘Steel Profiles with Concrete’
POLY TYPE O MNO 1 $ polygon concrete
1 2000 0 O
2 -2000 0 O
3 -2000 190 O
4 2000 190 O
PROF NO TYPE Z1 YM ZM DTYP REF MNO=2 $ steel profile HEB 1000 solid
1 heb 1000 -1500 190 S UM
2 heb 1000 1500 190 S UM
PROF NO TYPE Z1 YM ZM DTYP REF MNO=2 $ steel profile IPE300 solid
3 IPE 300 0 190 S UM

But clearly I could’t create cross beam as IPE 300. Basically I want to have that IPE beam as a transverse direction. Does anybody hint for that ?


I didn’t exactly get your intention, but if you want to use steel-profile in your composite section, you shouldn’t set a distinct number to PROF-Command, because it basically generates a steel section with that number instead of adding it to your composite section.