How to apply wind loads as area loads

Hello Everyone,

I have a set of wind loads that are acting on the roof and walls, presented in a tabular format (generated from another software). Currently, I am seeking guidance on how to apply these loads to the respective areas of the building. To illustrate, I will elaborate on the roof condition, as you can observe below, the roof is divided into four distinct sections, each with its corresponding length and load value.

Traditionally, structural engineers would utilize software like SofiPlus to draw rectangles or lines representing these load areas on the building’s design. Then, they assign the appropriate wind loads to these designated areas. Like below.

They are expecting me to automate this method with the help of teddy. I have one methodology in mind that:

  1. Extract table form the source with python (finished)
  2. Using the values write a valid teddy code with string interpolation and produce output.dat (Need your help)
  3. In Sofi/Teddy: #include the 'output.dat' (Yes, I can)

I need your help to acheive step 2. I tried to understand (read help doc, analysing the example sofiload.dat\english\wind_on_building.dat) how to apply wind load as a AREA load, but unable to understand it. Unfortunately it is very advance topic to my knowledge. How to enter lengths to create area for the loads? How the system will differentiate between roof areas and wall areas?

see standard TEDDY example wind_on_building.dat.
You will find this example in TEDDY menu File > examples > sofiload > english > windo_on_building.dat

Hi @MartinSiffling , Thanks for your reply.

Already I tried that example to understand the wind_load but unfortunately getting some error. Do you have any idea why is this licence error (see below image) is coming?. (My company guys said that they have full licence for Sofistik)

Apart from the error, I have few questions related to this example.

  1. What is ‘GPT’ points here?

  2. If I have length and widths of wind load area How can I put them in terms of points?