Hinge In Structural Line compone GH - Work law Sofistik


I am modeling a tunnel in sofistik using grasshopper plug in. The model consists of some beam elements with hinges at the end, which represent the longitudinal joint of the tunnel. The structural line only allows some literal combination based on N,MY… I would like to assign a work law to the hinge, that I have created in teddy and that has a number as a name.
Do you know how I could do it?

Thank you

The hinge option of the sln is for standard/simple hinges.

You want to create a spring between the beam elements and assign a work law to that (if linear isn’t good enough).
Create a system of two beams with spring by creating:

  • 4 SPT: 1,2,3,4
    2 and 3 have the same coordinate
  • 2 SLN:
    SLN 1 goes from SPT 1 → 2
    SLN 2 goes from SPT 3 → 4
  • Connect SPT 2 and 3 with spring(s)

Check out the example file for point coupling to get going:
C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2023\SOFiSTiK 2023\sofimshc.dat\english\beam_models\coupling_points_01.dat
Just use spts instead of sptp for springs