Get AssSum for punching shear(Durchstanznachweise)

Hello Sofistik community,

I need some help understanding punching shear results.

As seen below, the table (i.e. from reports) has AssSum with **** and -. It is defined in the description (second image) that **** means ‘proof of punching shear not provided’ . As a result, we (my structural engineering colleagues) have redesigned only the rows with **** in AssSum.

Now as part of my automation job, I need to filter the available Punching shear directly from the database(CDB). Despite this, the CDB actually does not have a column for AssSum but just 4 additional columns with some names in it (ASV1, ASV2, ASV3, ASV4).


So, my questions are:

  • Is the sum of (ASV1,ASV2,ASV3,ASV4) = AssSum ?

  • If yes, Would you please tell me how I can categorize them after summation into **** and - (What is the differentiation factor for **** and -)

  • If not, How can I obtain AssSum from CDB?

  • Alternatively, if all the above are not possible, how can anyone identify the critical nodes manually (assuming there is no filtering (****) available in the report) ?

Anykind of information helps me a lot!! Thanks in advance for your response!!

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Hello Mr. Karimpati

First of all, please don’t add our tags to every post of yours. We see your post and when we have an answer we will contact you.

Concerning your questions:

Is the sum of (ASV1,ASV2,ASV3,ASV4) = AssSum ?

Try it out. Open the database info and sum up all perimeter shear reinforcements

(Here is an example → TEDDY example > bemess > bemess2_punching_check.dat)

Now if you want to access the punching state, please have a look at the corresponding item in the CDB.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Mr. Höller
Firstly, thank you so much for your help. It solved most of my punching shear problems.

I thought my post wouldn’t be noticed and lost in many daily posts. So, I tagged you guys in every post. My apologies for the inconvenience.
However, glad to hear that you regularly check posts and give replies when you have a solution.


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