Flächenbemessung GZT

For calculating the reinforcement of a plate, one should define the loadcase LF for the calculation - in this case DESI for the GZT; some rows above I have defined only one combination DESI (2100), which will be taken for plate calculation.

  1. What if I have three DESI combinations (2100,3100,4100)? Which one will be considered for Plate calc.?

  2. How can I chose only one combination for the plate calculation?


  1. all cases with desi action. you can check list of cases used to design in report browser.
  2. you can do it in many ways:
  • use diffrent action for each combinations in maxima, e.g. d_1, d_2, d_3 etc (but create it before in sofiload), then in bemess e.g. lc d_1
  • write list of cases instead of action name, e.g. lc (2101 2199 1) or lc 2101,2102,2151