Filtering objective function results in RESULTS module


I used the objective function in superposition in MAXIMA module.

 SUPP COMB #desRSU5 EXTR MAX ETYP QUAD TYPE '(SXT+SYT)/2+1/2*SQR((SXT-SYT)**2+4*SXYT**2)' FROM GRP TO 'R'#resGRP LC #desRSU5*10000+#resGRPs(#i)+28 OPT S

And now I would like to apply filter in RESULTS module to get the extreme value.

FILT NAME #resName TYPE EX EXTP #exType 

The problem is that I do not know what to use as a result name for #resName variable. Any ideas are welcome.


Why don’t you create the table directly with the Result Viewer?

  1. SSD: insert new Result Viewer Task → Create your desired table → Export this table into a texttask
  2. TEDDY: Open Result Viewer → Create Your desired table → save the result file → open the file with the TEDDY

In both cases you can create your tables with the optimised GUI and use them later on as a text task.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Frederik,

Where can I find results for my objective function in Result Viewer? I did MAXIMA with the objective function, not with a predefined criteria.

But what information do you want to display?

The loadcases and superpositions can be selected with the comand “Edit Selection”


A general introduction to the result viewer is given in the following tutorial.

I would like to display the result for an objective function used in MAXIMA, as a TYPE argument. For example, in MAXIMA, I have the following record:


How I can see the results of ‘1/2SQR((SXT-SYT)**2+4SXYT**2)’ calculation in the Result Viewer?