Filter on node displacements

Hi! Need your help. I’m trying to get the nodal displacements automatically to excel using teddy. Using the examples online i managed to output all the information using the NODE command. I was wondering, is it possible to filter the nodes displacements i’m actually interested to? or do i necessarily need to output them all? (its a big structure it takes one hour). Or do you know other ways to get the data from the teddy template section?

thank you in advance!

It’s easier to help if you post the code (or file).

There is a filter option in the results program, which I assume you are using/referring to.

Filt is the command you are looking for.
I would try achieving the correct filter in the result viewer and the opening the generated input file in teddy. That way you can try to understand the generated syntax.

Thank you! I solved it updating the software and using the options available in the latest release