Export .gra cut to csv


I have modelled an excavation in Teddy using the TALPA module.

I’d like to have the stresses along the excavated perimiter in table format, which I’m not really sure is possible?

My workflow is as shown here:

Wingraf > Edit > Cuts > Create Cuts

The cut looks something like this (Prepare for awesome ASCII Drawing):

_____            ______  Initial soil level     z
     \          /                               ↑  (Coordinate system)
      \________/         bottom of excavation   └→ x

I then get the results from the navigation tree:

Structure values, loads,results > Results > Stress (from database) > In local y

From the Navigation tree I get the results as a table:

Representation > List, cuts results > Generated from element values

From this, I get a table looking something like this:

  Load Cases
   load case designation                        CS  kind                       action type
          81 S3.7 Temperature Summer (2year)        Nonlinear loadcase             :

    QUAD-cut      QUAD      segment X coordinate Y coordinate Z coordinate      1.value
         no.       no.          [m]          [m]          [m]          [m]        [MPa]
        1001   4200065       0.0000    -237.8806      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0488
        1001   4200065       0.6050    -237.2756      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0488
        1001   4200066       0.6050    -237.2756      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0534
        1001   4200066       1.2100    -236.6706      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0534
        1001   4200069       1.2100    -236.6706      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0514
        1001   4200069       1.8150    -236.0656      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0514
        1001   4200070       1.8150    -236.0656      -9.7000       0.0000      -0.0536    

Is there anyway to export this list to a proper csv file as e.g. XLSX TYPE CSV name "myfile.csv" in the Results viewer?

The data is currently exported to an *.lst file, but the data is separated by page changes which results in a huge amount of junk text I would have to filter out in postprocessing.
I’ve tried to change the page size using SIZE Type 9 H 1000 W 21 but this does absolutely nothing.

So, is there a way to export the data table to csv (or similar proper text database without junk text), or altenatively, change the output page length to 1000km?

If not, is it possible to get cut results from the results viewer?

“page line 100000” could help for the LST-file (and “prog … -e” for NO-echo-print).
In the REPORT-BROWSER is a button for “EXCEL-export” in the clipboard (but there the PAGE-line-limit doesn’t work by table-headlining; in return: in the case of german decimalpoint-separator for EXCEL they will be automatically changed).
Cut-results by the RESULTS-VIEWER ? I don’t know exactly, but i think: no.

I would go with an LST file and use the tips from @ragl.

In case you mainly are after a net force/stress (the actual distribution isn’t of interest), you could use “Total Force” as an averaging method.
That limits the results to one line per cut. (Use “moment around the middle” as well if you need an eccentricity)

If you were to access cuts from the result viewer, you would have to store them in the cdb first (after drawing them in wingraf). I tried storing them a few years ago, but didn’t get it to work.

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Perfect the page line 100000 works, thank you!

I wasn’t aware of the -e command either. In this case it’s not relevant as it doesn’t matter if I remove 20 or 40 rows in the postprocessing, but I definitely see it’s use in future projects.