Examples on how to use C# and interface

Hi everyone,

I am new to the topic of TEDDY and its interface. I am trying to get more examples on how to build a simple structure and run analysis to it using C# and the interface of TEDDY. If someone has any good example or more information that I could use to learn would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

Regarding teddy:

Open Teddy and go to:
-> File -> Examples
Here you can find small examples of modelling/calculating using teddy.

Teddy is basically a text editor with syntax highlighting for sofistik input language (cadinp)

Regarding interface (C#):

I recommend you keep it clean:
Input -> Use C#/python/etc to generate text files with cadinp syntax
Output -> Use the report browser/wingraf/dat_export program to generate text/excel files (easier/quicker than cdb access)

If you want to use the interface, you basically have to look at the documentation:


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Please refer to the “CDB Interfaces” manual which can be found in the installation folder.

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György Schmidt