Error No. 10799 in Programm QUADMESH_B

What does the message:

error no. 10799 in Programm QUADMESH_B

     0               1


Want to tell me?

Obviously its about meshing quad-elements. → But a bit more precisely, where could this error be thrown?

Thankful for any Idea!


this error suggests most probably that generation of quad element from your given geometry has failed. This happens most when the geometry hasn’t been optimally defined and some points are located close to one another but not close enough that lie less than the given tolerance of the project.
This tolerance can be set in SOFiPLUS–>tools–>project options–>general setting–>point size or in the module SOFiMSHC through the command “CTRL TOLG”.

Should the error still persist, please contact our support team to investigate it more in details:


Thank you @Soheil for your response!

I didn’t want to open a ticket ans also give others the chance to join the discussion, who might get that message.
Adjusting the meshing properties helped in my case.
(Before I tried to force a regular mesh “mctl regm” - deleting that, I was able to get rid of the error and accidentially I enforced a higher mesh density in points “h2=0,xx” which made it worse).

I was mainly just curious, as the error code itself was not providing any further information except that it was about meshing of quads.
As points were set explicitly (not via graphic interface as rhino, sofiplus ore other) I would have been surprised by such a geometry mismatch.
Thanks, Benjamin