Erase force statement

I am trying to write a code in Teddy for load cases and loads. My main goal is to set a load on the beam/area (it might be a point vertical force 10 kN) which will be moving through the beam length. I know that I can set a moving step of this force and use loop to move this force from the beginning to the end of the beam but… Lets assumed that this force will be moving through the beam and even futher and what i want is to write a code in teddy which allow me to “erase” this force when it will be outside the beam.
we got force write as a POIN function in teddy. there is variable let#step 500 (force step is set as 500 mm trough beam) and variable let#ForcePosition 0, beam length is 2 meter. now i am using function loop (lets set 500 repetitions - i know i can set loop 4) to move this force. Force began to move forward by 500 mm and after 5 moves force will be outside the beam, and now i want to write code which will delete this force when it will be outside beam.
maybe something like this IF (#ForcePosition > 2000) "Erase force "<- I dont know what write in this block of code ELSE let#ForcePosition #ForcePosition+#step ENDIF


I am not completely sure why you want to erase the force. Can’t you just select a specific beam (or group of beams)? Otherwise you need the program to check if the end of the beam is reached.

Have you seen our tutorial about the rolling stock analysis? Perhaps the examples help you further. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials > Dynamic Analysis > Rolling Stock Analysis

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