Element activation in CSM

Hi everybody,

I have a question about element activation in CSM module in Teddy.

In fact, I have a railroad bridge in which I have modeled my railroad track as several springs attached to my bridge.

The problem is that the spring stiffnesses change according to my load position (when the load is on the track, the track shows a higher stiffnesses, and there is a less stiffnesses when there is no load on the track)

I’m really stuck, and I don’t know how to define it in my Teddy. Because it is not possible in Sofistik to mix 2 modules (Sofiload and sofimsha) and we must define each of them separately, as a result it is not possible to change my geometry according to my load. Am I right? or there is some way?

I tried to use CSM, but as I know I only can activate and deactivate the GRP not the elements. Is there any way to activate only especial elements in CSM?

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ASE and CSM allow you to vary the stiffness of the group.
Hit F1 for help while on a Teddy line GRP FACS in ASE or GRCS in CSM.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t notice you ask about certain elements

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Thanks for your reply,
but both of them apply the factor to the group (but I want to apply it to the single elements not group)
I have thousand of spring in my case, and it will be so complicated to assign one group to each spring !

Is there any other way to assign this factor only to certain elements ?
or activate and deactivate only elements in CSM ?

In ASE you can modify single elements with “ELEM” (Single Element Settings), but this is nearly invisible in the calculation report (only in the results).
And (in my opinion) on the CSM-Level you can’t tell this ASE, you have to do this in Teddy in every ASE.

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Thank you a lot,
I did not pay attention that, it is possible to define ELEM in ASE,

As a result:
I define my geometry and my loads seperately in Sofimsha and Sofiload
And finally in ASE, I can change my Spring (activate or deactivate them) according to my load case


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you can use secondary group definiton via sofimsha.
Then use off record for this secondary group.

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