Elastic coupling while merging overlapping nodes

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I am working on a school project where I am carrying out an FE-analysis in Grasshopper.
The model is a pretty simple lattice structure consisting of beam elements.
I am connecting different nodes with elastic coupling as I would not like to model the actual connections.

Some points in my model will act as reference points for multiple elements. Therefore I am merging reference points which have the same coordinates. I am currently using the ctrl-input “OPT TOPO XFLG 0”.
This is not working properly as it will give the following warning:

+++++ warning no. 356 in program sm_processStructuralPoints
Point 1023: referenced structural point 1024 is not any longer present after intersection with other elements.

If i do not merge the reference points, I also get issues. Then the springs will not be connected to the structure, because the reference points are not part of the structure.

Do you know any solutions?

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It seems like you are trying to modify / use the merged and deleted point 1024. Why are you working with multiple structural points with the same coordinates? Just use one point and refer the other points to it. Eventually you can modify the merging behaviour of the structural points directly within the point definition.

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > sofimshc > chapter 5.2 SPT - Structural point

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Frederik Höller
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