Effective thickness of the section

Dear all,

I am working on composite bridge project. I have problem regarding the effective thickness of the section. In my script, I want to set up the value of the effective thickness in my beam (BEAM element) as well as in my slab (QUAD element) is 630 mm. But when I run my script, in my report from SOFiSTiK, it showns another value of the effectivec thickness 287 mm for BEAM Element and 420 or 180 mm for QUAD Element instead of 630 mm for all like I want. You can see in the image I atteted below.

Anyone known what the problem is here, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!


If you want to set an absolute value for the effective thickness, you must use a positive value. The negative value is used to define a factor for the quad thickness. Please take a look at the CSM manual and read the note below the table in the Report Browser.

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > csm > 3.10 CREP - Creep Parameters

crep mno 1 grp 10 defq 0.63[m]

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