Eccentricity load on bridges

I have noticed that some folks in my company skip eccectricity load effect of LM1 acting with load group GR_2, GR_a, GR_b (please correct me if needed) because they don’t know how to implement the point load into the model, so it would follow the LM1 trolleys (300kN+200kN+100kN), so on 700 m radius, i get sum 35 kN point Load. How to include this in model? Should I divide it to equaly between trolleys, then how to make it follow trolleys? Another way I guess is to create just a running point load. BUT my bridge is in curve and it is problematic to place that running load. Should I use many points? Is it the only way to assign that load? Also how to define teddies. Maybe there is any example regarding that issue. Thank you! Greetings from Lithuania.

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still a question

Hi Needlesky,

I don’t understand exactly the problem, but you find an example with load stepping and ELLA here:

If you change the alignment of the axis in SOFiPLUS and the bridge is therefore curved, it should also work.
I hope this helps.

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