Dynamische Berechnung bei Sofistik

I am trying to find information about how man set dynamic load for building with teddy, anyone knows where to find tutorials or examples like videos? thanks so much

In the Teddy library you can find several examples regarding dynamic analysis.
you can access it via Teddy - Data - Examples - ase- english - dynamics or
Examples - dyna
There are also some tutorials on our website, created with Teddy, SSD, SOFiPLUS/Revit

Hope this helps.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards
SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thanks for your help,
if I want to calculate wind load that changed by time, and the wind load is created by software randomly. Should I find examples in folder dyna or in ASE - dynamics? I saw that nonlinear dynamic is in ASE calculated.
Thanks again.