Different SOFILOAD results between two computers with same code (Teddy)


At the moment we are working in a project with two different computers, both running SOFiSTiK 2020 with the latest update. The project is all done on Teddy.

The problem: by running the same code, we get different results of load input. Specifically, the issue is located at this statement:


In one of the computers, the calculation requires the input of the parameter WIDT to be sufficiently bigger then 0,00 for the load to be computed. However , the sum of loads I was expecting is not correct.

In the other computer, by simply not typing the parameter WIDT, the calculation is succesfully run and the sum of loads is correct.

My question: is it possible there is difference on settings regarding the way SOFILOAD works between two computers? If yes, how can I manage them to get the same results (with same code)?

Thanks in advance.


Start by checking whether you have the exact same sofistik version, e.g. 2020-14.
You can see your version in SAM (the crossed out number before updating)

They are both the same versions, like I said, the latest update (2020-14).

Sorry, didn’t see that the first time around.

A couple of ideas:

  • Check if there are any local settings in the sofistik.def files
    Check both the project folder and the installation folder
    You can find the locations in teddy by going to:
    File → Project Options → Sofistik General / Edit File sofistik.def

  • You could try to parse the files
    In WPS (calculation window):
    File: Save parsed file
    This should only make a difference if the problem is with #include/#define/…

Other than that you probably should contact support (or maybe the problem is in the ELLA settings)