Deleting an existing node/SPT?

In teddy, how i delete an existing SPT?
I have defined a SPT, but now whenever i run my script, i get the error that this SPT is already defined.

What is the command for deleting it?

You have to define the same number of SPT twice, check your code.
You can delete node, but with spt this has no sense.

The problem is that i run my code, and definite an SPT, and add a spring to this SPT.

Next time i run this code with SYST REST in sofimsch, it says that the SPT has already been defined.

I have some workarounds, but was just thinking if its possible to delete a specific SPT?

As far as I know you cannot, however try editing spt in next sofimshc run:
SPTS your spring definiton

This works - but it requires the SPT to be defined. Ofcourse it is defined in a previous run, but if i want to change the SPT/spring coordinates, i would have to define a new SPT, and thus change around in my code.

Would be easier if it was possible to overwrite/delete.

Thanks for you answer.