Delete specific results from calculated loadcases

is it possible to delete individual results of calculated load cases from the database on a group-specific basis?
I am playing with stiffnesses within my calculation and thus create unrealistic results in some components. the internal forces within these components are to be deleted so that a global design of the entire system can be carried out without group-specific settings with correct results. the whole thing is within a loop, therefore the global design lends itself to this.

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ist es möglich einzelne ergebnisse von berechenteten lastfällen gruppen-spezifisch au der datenbank zu löschen?

Ich spiele mit Steifigkeiten innerhalb meiner Berechnung und erzeuge so unrealistische Ergebnisse in manchen Bauteilen. Die Schrittgrößen innerhalb dieser Bauteile sollen gelöscht werden, damit eine globale Bemessung des gesamten Systems ohne gruppen-spezifische Einstellungen mit korrekten Ergebnissen erfolgen kann. Das ganze ist innerhalb einer schleife, deshalb bietet sich die globale Bemessung an.

I tried something like:

+prog sofiload iter
kopf löschen der ergebnisse für spezifische gruppen
loop#k grup_falsch;  grup #grup_falsch(#k); endloop
lf 3,4,12 typ del

this, unfortunately, deletes the loadcase itself.

Thanks in advance, cheers!

You’re deleting the loadapplication (sofiload), you want to “delete” the actual result produced by e.g. ASE or Maxima.

I think the easiest approach is copying only the results you want using dbmerg.
E.g. copying only group 2 of quad forces from lc 1 to 20 with a factor 2 (if you need factors that is)

+Prog dbmerg
Lc No 20 NoS 1
Grp No 2
Quad Type Forc Fmx 2.


Deleting load cases with the SOFiLOAD comand LF ... TYP DEL only sets all values of the load case or the load case header to 0. As far as I know, it is not possible to delete the results of a single group.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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I think the database manipulator is the right idea. Thanks for the tip - i’ll give it a try!

It seems that with dbmerg it is not possible to delete results from individual groups within a cdb. I get the following error:

+++++ Fehler Nr.  2008 in Programm DBMEIN ; Eingabezeile:    8
   Elementeigenschaften (Stränge) nur mit zwei Datenbasen moeglich

You can’t really “delete”, however you can copy parts from one lc to another.

In the example above I copied the quadresults form existing lc 1 to new lc 2 for grp 2 only. (checked it and it works)

If you need more detailed help you need to post example code.

Sorry, got the wrong wording with “delete” in my answer.

I think copying the results is the right idea. But i can’t get it to work in my case - the new lc does not show in wingraf. Did copy your example though - had to add the group divisor, maybe that’s the issue - and adjusted it to my system.

you can try maxima and make combination only for group u want, e.g.

+prog maxima
comb 1 ...
act ...
supp 1 mami quad auto from grp 10,11 opt S
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My solution is in creating a vector which contains the group information and activating the right groups within the bemess and aqb runs. It is simply not that easy to ignore or overwrite specific information inside the .cdb.