Definition of a built-up steel cross-section in teddy AQUA

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I am trying to define a structural steel cross-section in Teddy module Aqua. It is a built-up section as shown in the sketch. I am using the SOFiSTiK example aqua4_thinwalled.dat. Is is possible to define two flange plates on top of each other using the commans SECT, PLAT?

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Hello MoShMet,

yes, it is possible to define such a cross section. We recommend to generate a thin-walled section using the commands PLAT and WELD for the shear connections. I have made a AQUA definition in TEDDY as example.
Thin-walled elements have to be connected at their start or end points. The shear connections I have generate as connection from the web to the flanches.
You can also use the Cross Section Editor in SOFiPLUS for a graphical input. In SOFiPLUS it is also possible to import cross section from another CDB.

I hope it helps.
steel-sections_2022-2023.dat (1015 Bytes)

Sabine Fahrendholz
Senior Product Manager

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Thank you so much. This is very helpful.