Define/rotate local coordinate system for structual area SAR in SofimshC

I´m trying to define the local coordinate system for structural areas in Teddy. I use a geometric model that was built in Tekla and I define the structural elements in Grasshopper. The problem regarding the local coordinate systems is that the geometry in Tekla has been mirrored and that’s why the local coordinate systems are rotated for half of the model. (z-axis and y-axis are in the opposite direction, see the picture below)

I know you can use DRX or NX and it also works so that the local x-axis is the same but how can I additionally define the z-axis or y-axis?
When I put both DRX and DRZ or NX and NZ in the SofimshC script, there is an error in SofimshC.

Thanks for your help!

DRX/DRY/DRZ is a vector pointing in your local x direction, e.g.:

  • DRX 1 DRY 0 DRZ 0 → local x-axis in global x direction
  • DRX 0 DRY 1 DRZ 0 → local x-axis in global y direction
  • DRX 1 DRY 1 DRZ 0 → local x-axis in 45deg from global x/y axis

NX/NY/NZ is a vector defining the upward direction of the area, i.e. the opposite of your local z axis. E.g.:

  • NX 0 NY 0 NZ -1 → local z-axis in global z direction
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Thanks for the explanation!

How can I change the local coordinate systems as they are in the picture so that also the y- and z-axis for all elements show in the same direction?

Where do you want your local coordinates to point in the global system?

The local y-axis should point in the direction of the global z-axis and the local z-axis in the direction of the global y-axis. That´s actually the case in the picture but some are pointing in the positiv directions of the y- and z-axis and some elements in the negative directions.

Drx -1 0 0 Nx 0 -1 0

I tried it and now the local z-axis points in one direction but the local x- and y-axis doesn`t