Csp prestress optimization cable stayed bridge


I am new to teddy, and I am trying to optimize the geometry of the bridge before traffic opening. I set the displacement targets to 0 (horizontal in the pylon and vertical in deck) with equu. But I get very big displacements at the end (5m in the deck). Can you please have a look at the code and give me feedback on the possible reason to this.

le-pont-04-03-2024.dat (6.0 KB)

Thank you.

Hi hiba,
the system is not calculatable, there is no prog SOFiMSHC or SOFiMSHA for the finite element geometry. But without this geometry it’s not possible to understand the input in PROG CSM and no one can help.


le_pont_06-03-2024.dwg (615.7 KB)
le_pont_06-03-2024.sofistik (566.0 KB)
Please find below all the necessary attachements, than you