CSM - Superposition of Permanent Loads - G / Überlagerung CSM - G


I have a question regarding the CSM superposition of Sofistik.

To begin with, I am defining the actions like shown below on picture 1. Afterwards, I activate the loadcases through the CSM like picture 2.

My question is, does the superposition performed by the CSM includs any and all actions which are defined as “G”, in my case: G_1, G_2, G_3, G_4?

If not and I wanted to include G_3 and G_4, would I need to add it on the CSM like shown on picture 3.

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Your question is not clear. But perhaps the following hints help:

The definiton of actions is done with PROG SOFiLOAD (not with PROG CSM!). In CSM you define constructions stages CS (or BA in german input).
So when you want to make the superposition with CSM you must:

  1. Define all used actions in SOFiLOAD
  2. Define contruction stages and use corresponding types (BA… TYP…) => the load cases are then automatically assigned to the actions by CSM.
  3. You calculate internal forces of live loads and other variable loads as temperature, settlement,…
  4. In PROG CSM with DESI MAX you define only the variable actions.

You find further informations here

or here

in video #11.

Finally you can answer your question when checking Reportbrowser output of superspositioning.

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