CSM Equation run

Deat all,

I am working on my thesis which is a suspension pedestrian bridge. I would like to set the cable length to get zero vertical displacement from permanent loads. I wrote a teddy for this by the teddy examples, but it get an error “Equation system not solvable”. If i set the tolarence to 5 m, the problem is still there. Is something wrong with my code, or this equation can not be solvable?

Norbert Viczián
Reszletes modell_230426.dwg (943.5 KB)
Reszletes modell_230426.sofistik (282.4 KB)

Hello Norbert,

the screenshot shows, that you use the displacement of node 700 for two load cases, but this is not possible. Deactivate one of these lines and it will work.

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Hello Jost,

Firstly, thank you for your response!
Meanwhile i got the problem and I fixed it. Now my modell is working correctly.