CSM actions and stages

Hi all,

I am currently trying to understand how the CSM Bridge design works for the construction stages.

Is the SOFISTIK calculating the design combinations for and performing the relevant checks (ULS and SLS) all construction stages? Is it only calculating loads for the final construction stage? For example if there are say 3 construction stages does it calculate the combinations for 3 stages using the relevant concrete stiffness?

Thanks in advance.

CSM does what you tell it to do, i.e. it performs the checks that you have specified.

You should check out the examples, e.g.:
C:…\SOFiSTiK\2022\SOFiSTiK 2022\csm.dat\english\design\csm34_stage_design.dat and
C:…\SOFiSTiK\2022\SOFiSTiK 2022\csm.dat\english\design\csm34_stage_design_all.dat