Coupling Areas

Good Morning to everyone. I’m new in the forum.
I’me here because I need some help with a problem I am not able to resolve so far.
I’ve done different plate modellation on strucutre part’s in order to better understand the real behaviour in terms of stiffness of the elements.

Coupling areas was not a problem when the command “tran” and “mirr” can be used, but I’m having trouble when I have to couple area with different meshes.

In the image you can see an end-plate flanges connection with bolts: I’m able to couple the internal area of the circular section but the outside part of it (red higlighted), keep me doing the error that area cannot be meshed with same elements and then coupled.

I tried to mantein the flanges as unique area, slice it corresponding to every perpendicular elements’ intersection, but I have the same results.
Could you please help me?
Did someone performed the same issue and got some tips to bypass it and solve the issue??

Thanks to everyone in advance,
Have a nice day.

Dear Mr Leonardo

For technical questions I would advise you to contact the technical support.
Without any project files I can’t give you a proper solution to your problem.
Therefor open the Support-Assistant via the SAM or the SSD and create a new support ticket.
Remember to add the relevant parts of your project files.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team