Copy UDL traffic load from load train

I want to copy UDL traffic load from the load train and place it on several positions on the bridge main girder.
But ASE returns me the error “No loads defined for load case 11411 or all loads in equilibrium”. I assume that the program doesn’t know on what beam load is applied.
I use code for copying:
LC 11411 TYPE none titl ‘UDL_9.0’
COPY 101 TYPE GRU REF ‘OS.20’ FROM 1 - 0 DX 0.
in LC 101 is defined load train

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?
But the same principle with TS traffic load is working without problems. Copied TS load is simply applied on the main girder.

You can copy the code from sofistik slab bridge example (link below). There are two models: load stepping method (which you want to open) and also envelope (ella) method.


But is seems like you are copying UDL to empty space :slight_smile:

all loads in equilibrium …

Thank you, a good example of “loadsteping” that I’m using. The diference is I don’t have a slab under the UDL and TS loads, but have the main girder on axis.
In the case of copied TS load, ASE works fine, in the case of copied UDL load, ASE return error. In both cases loads are literally in empty space.
For any further information, i will be thankful.


ctrl copy 1

This is code from one of my projects if it help.

+prog sofiload urs:6
head ‘LM1 UDL’
ctrl copy 1
sto#n_spans 5 $ number of spans

sto#lc_min4 250

sto#lc_max4 0

loop#j #n_spans $ loop for loadcases
let#span 1+#j
lc #lc_min4 type none titl ‘LM1:UDL desno razpon#span’
copy no #trai(0) fact 1.0 type gru ref ‘A001.10’ dx 0 from #span to - inc 0
copy no #trai(1) fact 1.0 type gru ref ‘A001.11’ dx 0 from #span to - inc 0
copy no #trai(0) fact 1.2 type gr3 ref ‘A001.0’ dx 0 from #span to - inc 0
let#lc_min4 #lc_min4+1
sto#lc_max4 #lc_min4-1


Thank you very much for your effort.
Meantime I’ve also figured out and your answer has this solution.
The key is in "CTRL COPY 1 " command line. It converts UDL load to line load, that can be applied on beam.
Thanks again