Connecting two overlapping plates, but cannot use structural points

How can i model two overlapping plates, so they transfer loads, and work as one unit?

So far i modelled plate 1 and plate 2, but they cannot share any structural points, because the structural points are defined with a Z value. That will ofcourse not produced what was intended if i connect with them via structural points.

But, when running the model, i see that plate 1 will have a large displacement at the corner - it does not recognize pile 2, or in other words - it does not care that plate 2 is there.

Each plate is modelled as its own structural area.
Any suggestions on how i can connect them, without doing it via structural points?

If I understand correctly, each plate has its own SPT above pile 2.

In that case define a SPT for the lower plate and the pile with a nr (e.g. 101) and the SPT for the upper plate with a different nr. (e.g. 102)

Then use a kinematic coupling, e.g.:
Spt No -102
Sptp Type KF Ref 101

Thank you.
What does type KF represent? Couldnt seem to find it in the manual.
Also the minus in front of -102?

F is a fixed support to the “ground”
KF is kinematically fixed to a point.
Basically the former is a support and the later a kinematic coupling (sofimshc manual)
In my experience you can write both KF or F and it works.

The - is in order to change an existing point:

  • You define all the geometry points (e.g. in a loop)
  • Create your areas, lines, etc
  • At the end you add a support property

Makes coding a bit easier

Thank you very much.