Connect elements after non linear analysis

Hi, I am currently modelling the erection of two actively bent elements. I have applied loads that bend them into their final shape, but then want to attach them at a given node before applying a load to the connected elements. I am currently using a non-linear process and have the final deformations and stress stored in a PLC. Ideally I could:

-Apply the loads to bend into final shape, joining these two elements together
-Once bent, model a rigid spring connection between two nodes that are touching
-Then remove loads I needed to bent it into shape

(Analogy in real life would be to bend two bits of wood, then glue them together in their final shape)

Any ideas! Appreciate this might be confusing…

To clarify, I have two flat elements. I’ve then bent them into shape by moving support and now I wan’t to ‘stick’ them together at top before doing further analysis.


have you seen our tutorials about active bending?
You can find them within the TEDDY:

TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > english > active_bending

Best regards,
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hi, yes thank you, I unfortunately can’t use the ACTB feature as it does not work with elements of varying cross section which is what my masters project is looking at. Thank you tho! I managed to make this work with a spring that I activate after the elements have been bent and a primary load case stored.

You may try dividing you memeber into several segments, with different constant section in each segment to model the member with various cross sections.