Concete Wall Jacketing

How would you model a 10cm jacketing of a 20cm concrete wall with quadrilateral elements? Would you model a 30cm thick wall with one concrete material derived from the two concrete layers?

PS:For column jacketing I found a solution using SECT (2 concrete materials, 2 reinforcement steel materials and 8 reinforcement layers)


I think this could be achieved by creating new quad elements that share the same nodes as the “old” elements. However, the orientation of the 2 layers is different (SOFiMSHA QUAD POSI BELO and ABOV).

Please have a look at the following TEDDY example. The relevant part is the second SOFiMSHA section.

TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > english > nonlinear_quad > composite_slab.dat

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Frederik Höller
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