Composite Section does't work after CS added in AQUA

Composite Section.dat (1.1 KB)

Section 1 is a composite section that consists of 4 steel angles and 1 concrete beam.

Section 2 is the same composite section as Section 1, and it has CS (construction stages),
CS 100 for 4 steel angles and CS 200 for concrete beam.
But it shows error

+++++ error no. 10408 in program AQU_SVAL
SECT 2 CS 1: the reference material 0 has no effective areas or
Is not used within all construction stages, which is improper for a consistent design.
Please insure especially for composite sections to select a reference material
which exists in all constructuion stages
For weldings please use a material number already used for other plates in the section
1 0 0 0 0 0 0
+++++ error no. 10399 in program INDMAT
Material no 0 in section 2 subtyp 1 not defined
Probably the section has to many materials

How to fix it?

Just like the error message said:
The material chosen for the section should be there in all construction stages.

This fixes it:
2 1 $ Not 12, since 1 (steel) is the material that exists in all construction stages

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Thanks, I have another question:

If changing the MNO in SECT form 12 (concrete) to 1 (Steel), will that effect other things, like creep and shrinkage analysis,or design of the concrete beam?