Checking results in exact place on element


I want to ask about results in exact lenght in beam or slab. I don’t want to take result from node as element is divided. I need result for instance in 1/4 lenght between node or in my exact distance in the beam or slab.
I know that I can change meshing. But is it possible to do in other way?

Greetings, Andrzej

Hi Andrzej,

Internal forces of beam elements are plotted in wingraf as continous function which is linear/cubic interpolated (depends which internal force). You could do the same - read values at node and in element and then interpolate to point you want. Should be exact enough if mesh is fine enough.

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The simplest way to do this is to place a node (structural point) at the position of interest. The beam is then split at this point.
For slabs you can use structural lines in the same way.