Changing Polar load application on cylinder


Can someone please point me to how I can apply a radially changing load to a cylinder ?

Basically I’m trying to manually apply wind loads on a cylinder (as per Indian Standards) and look at the transverse bending moments. The loading reference figure is shown below

(I’m aware of the WIND loading in Sofistik but it does not cover Indian Standards so I’d like to do this manually and would greatly appreciate any help / pointers !)

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Hello Aravind

My first idea would be to divide the surface into smaller strips that can then be loaded with a surface load. You can then activate a variable load for this load. This workflow discretizes the variable load. The thinner the strips, the better the load approximates the specified load.


Here is a quick example visualising my proposed workflow:

Radiale Last.sofistik (46.7 KB)
Radiale Last.dwg (73.4 KB)

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Frederik Höller
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Many thanks for the detailed answer !

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