Change MNO in CSM

Hi there
I have a 3D model of a concrete structure using structural areas. The base slab of this structure is modelled with bedding quads. I’m analyzing different construction stages in CSM and i need the bedding quads to change material number (change in bedding stiffness) in different CS. Is there an input for this in CSM or do i have to change this in the generated ASE-input?


As far as I know, this is not possible in CSM. You can only activate or deactivate the QUAD-bedding (GRP … BEDD). But you can change the factor of the quad-bedding within ASE. This means, you have to manually adjust the created $(project)_csm.dat file.

Please have a look at this short example

!#!Kapitel CSM construction stages
$ ----------------------------------- Construction Stage  20  ----------------
+PROG ASE urs:csmase20
HEAD Construction stage CS  20 Selfweight
sto#cs_csm  20    $ use of variable #cs_csm in CTRL ASE TEXT see manual -> CTRL CANT
#include ASE_CTRL
 GRP   1 CS  20 T1     28.0 FACD 1 HING ACTI FACB -  $ define factor for bedding
 GRP  20 CS  20 T1     28.0 FACD 1 HING ACTI FACB -
LC  4020 TYPE - TITL "Selfweight                      " $ dead load via GRP FACD

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team