Change material


Is it possible to change the material of all my structural areas (or only the structural areas that are in a specific group) after I’ve created my geometry with Sofiplus, using a Teddy task in SSD ?

I tried this code in order to modify one structural area but it doesn’t seem to work:

+prog sofimshc
head Short term elastic modulus
syst TYPE rest
sar NO -13 MNO 3

I want to do this in order to analyse some load cases using one material (with long term elastic modulus) and other load cases using another material (with short term elastic modulus). Maybe there is another method to do this that doesn’t imply the change of material.

Thank you!

Hello Andrei

In order to apply changes in SOFiMSHC you have to remesh the system.
To start the process include the command


in the SOFiMSHC chapter.

This has the consequence that you loose all the applied loads.
So you have to apply them in the next step again.

For further specific solutions you should consult the support. They can help you with technical questions.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team


I think there are more possibilities to do this (like most times):

  • You can change your material parameters using AQUA before calculating the load cases with short term E-modul. Use “CRTL REST 2” to avoid loosing your previous results.
  • Second, you may change the stiffness of some groups in ASE to calculate the short term loadcases. Use “GRP FACS” for these loadcases.

My recommendation is, do not change the model if it is not necessary.


Thank you all !

I find the second method more elegant.

I agree that the model shouldn’t be changed, but I want to do this in order to avoid a construction stage analysis that takes into accont the creep.