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I’m dealing with a hybrid-type-model (beam + quad elements), and I’ve realized that you can’t get forces in the center of gravity of the hybrid section without defining a section in AQUA. Defining the integrated section in AQUA is not convinient when you have a variable section in the beam, so are you working in this issue? will it be implemented in the near future? Is working with SIR (and CTRL AQUA 1 + CTRL AQBS 1) the only workaround now?

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There are two methods to determine the internal forces at the centre of gravity.

  1. As you have already mentioned: SIR and CTRL AQUA 1 for automatic generation of the cross-section
  2. Defining the totalcross-section in AQUA and calculation the inner forces with the modul DECREATOR. Variable cross-sections are also possible if you define a start and end cross-section with the command dsln ncs ... ncs2 ...

Apart from that you can generate the cross-section with the modul SIR and then use this cross-section with the DECREATOR. Apart from that, I could not find any other possible solution.

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Frederik Höller
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Thank you, JFG. It takes a bit of work if you want to use only DECREATOR.

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