BEMESS - Shear failure


With Bemess I have this error :
+++++ error no. 192 in program SCH2

  • Shear failure at node 1379 / Load case 14007*

And I don’t understand why.
In Wingraf I can see that Vrd,max/Ved =1.02 >1. But I think that this result is not correct in my case. I can see in Wingraf that the design shear force is 700 kN. And Vrd,max should be around 2000 kN. How Sofistik calculates Vrd,max ?

Also, when I modify the item COTT, Vrd,max/Ved doesn’t change. Which is strange, VRd,max should increase when the angle of the strut is increased.

Thank you!

Hello Andrei,

The program BEMESS calculates Vrd-max according to the selected design code. The theoretical background can be found within the BEMESS manual:

Help > manuals > all manuals… > bemess > 2.4 Shear Checks

I would advise you to look at the Report Browser for a better understanding of the calculated values.
You can control the length of the output via the command ECHO.

Best regards,
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team