BEMESS CTRL BOUN\ STEU RAND - Shear design at supports

In case of shear reinforcement is required in short shear spans, EC 6.2.3 (8) allows to reduce shear force V_Ed with a factor of beta=a_v/2d. I tried to change the settings with CTRL BOUN but it does not have any effect on the resulting shear reinforcement. I would appreciate it if someone who has used this function could give me hints. Thanks!


As far as I know, the reduction of concentrated loads near the support is not taken into account (Background: AQB manual chapter 2.7 Shear Design).
The command CTRL BOUN controls the reduction of the shear force due to EC 1992-1-1 6.2.1(8).
Please note the further description of the command in the BEMESS manual.

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > bemess > chapter 3.4 CTRL - Control of the Design > BOUN - Shear design at supports

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