I get a big diferences in eigenmodes calculated with ASE or with FEABENCH. Mainly because diferent consideration of lateral pile beddings. Any explanation? Why FEABENCH don’t consider lateral bedding on piles?
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Try to define a simple bedding for piles with single springs at each node (CTRL LSUP 16 in SOFiMSHC). Perhaps then you get the same results.

For furher questions it would be helpful to upload the system which delivers the described effect.

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Basically any structure with piles…
simple bedding is considering OK

A clear representation of the problem for everyone else.
System is simple pile elements with some mass o top. Length is 20m and it is up to 10m underground (lateral bedding with bore profiles in AQUA module)

Difference is obvious, it seems that FEABENCH is not considered lateral bedding.
So, any idea why this is? What is basically the right way to calculate eigenforms by sofistik? Is feabench module new way to calculate it, or did I misunderstand smth?
Thanks in advance…

My guess is that FEABENCH as a new module does not support pile bedding yet.
Simple as that, but you can describe bedding as spring elements along pile shaft and these should give the same results in both programs.